Differences between WeVideo and Filmora

Leonid I, author at Deus.Video
20 Sep, 2021

WeVideo vs Filmora

One of the modern trends that no company can do without is the creation and editing of videos. To keep up with competitors and be at the top, companies, from the smallest to the largest, are looking for various ways to attract users? attention to their products or services. But that’s not all, video materials can be used to create electronic training programs, which allows you to keep up with technologies in the modern education system. The technologies are designed in such a way that creating a video becomes as simple as making coffee.

There are many web applications and video editing programs available on the market today. Each of them has its unique advantages over the others.

Let’s look at two of the myriads available on the market. The first is a great web application for creating and editing videos called Wevideo. The second is a video creation and editing software called Filmora. Although both of them are designed to help the client create the highest quality video, there are several differences between them.

The main differences between Wevideo and Filmora

The most basic difference between Wevideo and Filmora is that Wevideo is a web application, while Filmora is a video creation and editing software. This means, Wevideo can be accessed from any location and device, while Filmora needs to be downloaded and installed on your device.

Since Wevideo is a cloud application, it has more flexibility in use, compared to Filmora. The user can use it anywhere because videos and other information are stored in the cloud. At the same time, Filmora is software that must be pre-installed on a specific system and, accordingly, is limited to working only on this system.

Wevideo allows users to add an unlimited number of participants to a team and work together to create and edit a single video. Filmora does not have such an opportunity for cooperation.

Wevideo has a huge number of different embedded materials: videos, images, music that the user can use. Filmora doesn’t have such a large library.

Wevideo has a unique feature that allows users to import and export an audio track separately. This function is not provided in Filmora.

Features of WeVideo

Wevideo is a web-based video editing platform. It works in any browser of the client’s choice.

The web application allows the user to work with it anywhere where there is a computer and the Internet. 

In Wevideo, you can create an account and add members to it as a team, as well as share templates, videos, and audio.

The application can also be used on a desktop or a mobile device.

Wevideo is known for its huge library stock of various images and videos. Which allows the user to choose from a variety of options, including various videos, music, and images.

The most pleasant part is the availability of free content in business and professional subscription plans.

But the cloud service and teamwork also have nuances. When several people are simultaneously working on the same video at the same time, the page loses its productiveness. But in any case, Wevideo saves time and space on your hard drive. You can easily save the video to the cloud and continue working on it when necessary.

Filmora Features

Filmora is a video editing program, not a web application. Filmora is a tool that you need to download to use it. Which limits the work on processing or creating videos to one computer.

Filmora has several very good features, one of them is the option to drag and drop a video or any other material directly into the preview window.

Filmora is compatible with Windows, as well as with macOS. There are many different versions of Filmora available on the market. Filmora is considered the simplest video editing software with certain preset video templates, as well as effects.

FilmoraPro is a premium version of the software. There is a mobile version of the software called FilmoraGo. Filmora has several features you never find anywhere, for example, intuitive tools. The split-screen feature allows you to view multiple clips at the same time. Filmora is a resource that is suitable even for beginners. If a person wants to learn how to edit videos, Filmora is certainly good for this.

Price comparison

Wevideo is more generous and offers a free trial version without any necessary data.
After the trial ends, subscription prices will start from 4.99 USD.

WeVideo offers three corporate tariff plans for individuals and businesses. Invoices are billed monthly or annually:

Power is 4.99 USD per month (with an annual subscription) or 9.99 USD per month (with a monthly subscription)

  • License for one user
  • Publishing a 30-minute video per month
  • The video resolution is 720p.
  • Premium editing features
  • Animated title templates 

Unlimited plan – 7.99 USD per month (with an annual subscription) or 9.99 USD per month (with a monthly subscription)

  • License for one user
  • Publish an unlimited number of videos
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Animated title templates
  • VIP video processing and support

Professional – 13.99 USD per month (with an annual subscription) or 39.99 USD per month (with a monthly subscription)

  • Everything that is included in the unlimited plan, as well as
  • Unlimited stock usage
  • Brand management
  • Premium templates
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution

Business – 36.99 USD per month (with an annual subscription) or 73.99 USD per month (with a monthly subscription)

  • Everything that is included in the professional plan, as well as
  • Team license
  • Premium editing features
  • Business Premium animated title templates
  • The ability to create your template
  • Collaboration and sharing tools
  • Management tools
  • Advanced Social Marketing options

Filmora requires credit card details to make a trial subscription. After the trial ends, subscription prices will start at 7.99 USD

Filmora X is the latest version of the popular video editing program developed by Wondershare. It has different pricing levels for individuals, businesses, and users of the education system. 

The annual plan is 39.99 USD per year

  • All functions
  • All updates
  • The absence of the Filmora logo on the saved video
  • Technical support

Perpetual plan – 69.99 USD one-time payment

  • All functions
  • All updates
  • The absence of the Filmora logo on the saved video
  • Technical support
  • Unlimited download from the Filmstock standard library once a month
  • New effects monthly


Annual business plan – 155.88 USD / 1 user per year, 280.56 USD / 2 users per year, 420.84 USD / 3 users per year, 561.12 USD / 4 users per year, 701.40 USD / 5 users per year

  • All editing tools
  • All updates
  • Technical support
  • Use by the company
  • Attribution is not required
  • Multi-user management
  • Wholesale prices are available
  • 1-1 Sales Report
  • Flexible payment options


The student plan is 7.99 USD per month, 15.99 USD per quarter, 31.99 USD per year, or 48.99 USD / one-time payment

  • All functions
  • All updates
  • The absence of the Filmora logo on the saved video
  • Technical support

Teacher’s Plan – On request

Simplicity of use

The concept of simplicity of use of an application is individual for everyone. Below we have outlined some of the main points of working with each resource, which will help each of you to make your conclusion about the simplicity of using applications.


After logging in to the WeVideo web editor, click on the Create Video button. At this stage, the application will ask you about your experience in such programs and, depending on your answer, will load one of the options for the video editor interface: simple for beginners or more advanced for experts. During operation, you can easily switch between these modes.

For users who have previously encountered video editing, the WeVideo interface will seem familiar.

In the center, there is a library of media files, which you can place on the timeline located at the bottom by simply dragging.

On the right is the preview window, which allows you to view the video you made in real-time.

Look at the toolbar on the left, which allows you to go to the transition library or the mode for adding text. The elements available in these sections are quite enough to make a completely presentable video from an amateur video shot, for example, on a mobile phone, divided into scenes, containing titles, explanatory inscriptions, and beautiful video effects.

If you do not want to edit the video yourself, insert effects and transitions, select the soundtrack, then you can use the automatic video generator by applying one of the suggested themes. There are many templates to choose from, with the help of which you can design your work in the style of a retro movie, music video, romantic video, and so on.

As a result of your choice, WeVideo will apply the necessary effects: split the video into scenes and insert transitions, select the appropriate music, and you will only have to save the finished result.

To save the results of your work, you should click the Publish button, specify the required resolution and then select the “cloud” storage for saving the video.


With Filmora, everything is a little more complicated. Since this is software that is installed on your PC before you start working on the video itself, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The productivity of your computer;
  • The processor’s power on which the video rendering time directly depends; 
  • The amount of RAM;
  • Storage space (video files are quite voluminous)
  • The amount of RAM of the graphics card.

Next, click on the Filmora icon on the desktop. A welcome screen will appear asking you to create a new project or open an existing one. 

Go to the “File” menu, click on the Project Settings option, and select the ratio aspect that the final version of your video will have. 

In the upper-left corner of the video editor, you will see the “Import” button, click on it and select the “Import media files” option, find the folder where your files are stored. Select what you want to use in your project and click the “Import” button.

To avoid confusion when working with a large number of files at the same time, you can use the “My Album” option, which allows you to create folders and sort files.

Unprocessed frames often contain errors or parts that you want to cut or crop, just drag them from the “Media” tab to the timeline. 

Filmora allows you to crop a video by simply dragging the end of the video clip to the left or right. Alternatively, you can place the playback pointer exactly where the part of the video you want to cut begins, and then perform the same action at the other end.

Now, when you have removed all the unnecessary parts from the video clips, you can start detaching audio and video files, add music, insert transitions between clips, or use some of the many visual effects from Filmora.

Filmora offers more than several hundred filters and overlay effects that you can use in your projects to make the colors in the video more vivid. All you have to do is select an effect and drag it to any place on the timeline.

After finishing editing, you should click the “Export” button. In the “Output” window, you need to select the video file format and optimize your video. You can also export your videos to Vimeo or YouTube. This method of video export allows you to save time waiting for the video to be uploaded online since the rendering and uploading processes occur simultaneously. You will need a YouTube channel or a Facebook account to successfully share your videos on these social media.


Video editing is an art. Companies see it as a tool that can create fascinating videos for their audience. 

Filmora is a tool for beginners. With its help, you can learn a lot. Filmora is a simple but reliable application that can work on Windows and iOS devices. Even though it is a simple tool, it offers all the necessary mechanisms for creating great videos, such as various video effects, many titles templates, several transitions, and much more. Filmora offers a lot of well-designed templates with amazing animation. You can select a template and then edit it according to your requirements.

WeVideo is a simple and easy-to-use video editor. Its use does not require special knowledge, purchase, and installation of paid software or any special equipment.

With its help, you can easily prepare a video for the report, a slideshow, or a presentation about the activities of your organization even outside of your workplace ? just an ordinary computer or laptop with Internet access is enough.

WeVideo is a very easy-to-use application. Although video editing can be quite a complicated process for beginners, the WeVideo interface looks simple and clear even for a person who has taken up video creation for the first time. Wevideo will also satisfy many experienced users who are looking for a wider range of editing options available in the Wevideo web editor. The higher the capabilities of the tool you use, the more innovation and intelligence.

Although they both have attractive subscription plans, Wevideo offers a free trial without having to provide credit card details, while Filmora requires credit card details before the user can test the trial version.



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