InVideo vs WeVideo research

Leonid I, author at Deus.Video
30 Aug, 2021

InVideo vs WeVideo

Comparing online video editors:

A huge amount of video content on the Web is very popular today, so many users reveal their creativity through videos. The competition is very high. This means that to be in the trend, you need to have time to edit videos, and constantly supply viewers with new emotions. So, it is important to choose tools that allow you to quickly, easily, and effortlessly create a few video clips per day. One of the most well-known platforms today that allow you to do this online is InVideo and WeVideo. Let’s compare their differences and shared functions.

The main differences

What should be said first of all about Wevideo is that this editor does not provide great opportunities for editing a video sequence. InVideo is just the opposite. With the help of this platform, you can implement almost any creative idea, as it allows you to edit images, add and edit text, add animation, and so on.

Features of InVideo

This video editor is great for creating video content aimed at developing businesses, brands, and promoting media campaigns. He has a huge library, in which there are more than 10 million images, video clips, as well as audio files that do not have copyrights. In addition, if desired, you can upload personal media files to the video editor.

InVideo also has in its arsenal more than 9 million multimedia templates, more than 4 thousand video templates that belong to the premium class, including iStock, as well as audio files of various genres.

The list of its main characteristics is as follows:

  • support HD resolution;
  • audio and video capture;
  • corporate overlay (the operation of superimposing 2 or more layers on each other);
  • collaboration tools;
  • video stabilization;
  • social sharing;
  • video speed controller;
  • split and merge of frames;
  • subtitles;
  • ability to add animation;
  • bulk file upload;
  • dragging and dropping;
  • customizable branding;
  • privacy settings;
  • support for mobile screens;
  • customizable templates.

But at the same time, the platform does not have the capabilities for editing 3D videos.

In general, we can say that the capabilities of InVideo allow you to mount videos very quickly. The process can take a long time only in the case of deep detail.

Features of WeVideo

Wevideo is more convenient for personal use or creating simple videos for a small business.

For large-scale work, which involves editorial, marketing projects, its capabilities are not enough. But private entrepreneurs, small companies might use this platform to promote their business.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting its decent library of the photo, video, audio files, and graphic animation. The editor also allows you to upload personal materials.

In general, the interface of this online platform is very convenient. This is an indisputable plus.

WeVideo offers various editing tools, including animated text, a green screen, motion titles, and a screen recording function, among other things, for creating movies.

In addition, despite the availability and easiness of use, the platform provides the interaction of teams in online mode. Thanks to this, they can upload videos with their brand to different social media platforms.

As for the designs, Wevideo has several common ones that are available to all users. Basic branding offers fonts, logos, colors, etc.

The functions provided by Wevideo are similar to InVideo. But unlike the latter, the video editor does not support the ability to stabilize videos, split and merge files.

The list of the main functions looks like this:

  • audio capture;
  • video capture;
  • speed control;
  • corporate overlay:
  • collaboration tools;
  • social sharing;
  • support HD resolution;
  • text overlay.

Thanks to JumpStart technology, Wevideo significantly speeds up the process of creating simple videos. You can make a basic video in a matter of minutes. More complex videos will take time since this technology does not use artificial intelligence.

Price differences InVideo vs WeVideo

Speaking about the cost of using these platforms, it should be noted their main advantage – they both have free versions.

The free version of InVideo allows you to export up to 60 videos per month, each of which is necessarily marked with a watermark.

The price of the business version of this video editor starts from 30 USD per month for the function. After paying for an annual subscription, it could be reduced by half – up to 15 USD per month. For this price, the user gets the right to use 10 videos and photos from iStock per month, unlimited Premium-class photos and videos, the ability to export up to 60 HD-resolution videos.

The unlimited InVideo package can be purchased for 60 USD per month.

The free version from WeVideo provides the maximum video resolution: 480 pixels, 1-gigabyte cloud storage, several video formats, the ability to record from the screen, save videos on any device, voice-over, create gif files, export audio, 5 minutes of publications per month, one license.

For a fee of 9.99 USD per month, you can buy a Power package, which adds such features as ?green screen?, sound amplification, slow motion, video cropping, and collections of titles, and animation templates.

The publication time increases to 30 minutes per month, and the cloud storage increases to 20 GB. The video quality is also increased to 720p HD. Videos are not marked with a watermark.

The unlimited package from the WeVideo platform costs significantly less than that of InVideo: only 15.99 USD against 60 USD. For this price, the user receives unlimited publication time and cloud storage in addition to the functions of the previous package. Video can be created in a resolution of up to 1080p + HD. It also becomes possible to record the screen and webcam.

The package for professionals costs 39.99 USD. Its main advantage is the image quality provided, namely 4K Ultra HD. It also makes it very easy to upload a newly created video immediately to social networks. Moreover, you can add brand elements to the video, which is important for materials that are created as part of advertising campaigns.

The package of functions formed for business development will cost 73.99 USD. It already has 3 licenses, it is possible to create your templates for videos and there are management Tools.

A separate package for 89 USD per year is designed for teachers. The list of the main functions looks like this:

  • educational templates;
  • free library of images without copyright (415 thousand pieces);
  • free video collection (more than 460 thousand videos);
  • 50 gigabytes cloud storage;
  • cloud synchronization;
  • Quick Recorder extension for Chrome;
  • integration with Google Docs tools;
  • Maximum video resolution: standard HD
  • library of 125 thousand audio files and access to music resources;
  • full-screen viewing and editing;
  • no WeVideo watermark;
  • voice recording;
  • VIP-processing;
  • simultaneous recording of the screen and webcam;
  • screen recording tools;
  • ability to create podcasts;
  • features for creating gif files;
  • cropping a video;
  • green screen;
  • access on iOS, Android, as well as on the Web;

The price of the package for a class or a group of up to 30 people is 299 USD per year. Using its capabilities, besides the videos you can also easily create podcasts and gif animations. As in the package for teachers, there is access to a free library of media files and much more.

Thus, WeVideo, providing for the capabilities and needs of different categories of customers, offers them a large selection of packages for any wallet and with various options for a set of functions. In this regard, the platform is significantly ahead of InVideo.

Simplicity of use

As mentioned above, Wevideo has a very user-friendly interface. Thereby, it can be easily mastered by users with any level of video editing skills. Thanks to this advantage, its popularity is very high.

At the same time, InVideo, being a more professional application, is also quite convenient. It also allows you to automate the creation of videos by using special features. This unique feature has made this platform the most popular alternative to Wevideo.

In this regard, we can conclude that both InVideo and WeVideo have a high level of comfort in their work. Choosing one of them, you need to focus on two main factors – your needs and financial capabilities.


Convenience and wide editing capabilities make WeVideo one of the most convenient and popular video editors. Moreover, it works on both Android and iOS. Its software allows you to create screencasts, upload a variety of images, and overlay, for example, your company’s logo or any other sign on a video to increase your brand awareness.

The sharing function in social media helps users to increase their popularity due to a wider audience coverage.

Being relatively affordable, WeVideo has a lot of useful and important functions for working with video. Among them are video capture, speed control, audio tools, adding text, and others.

InVideo is the best video editor for creating ads on Facebook, screen savers on Youtube, various kinds of invitations, stories on Instagram.

This platform is an excellent assistant for creating videos about the company, promo videos – any video of advertising nature.

Among the features of InVideo are editing videos on YouTube and converting videos to MP3 and MP4 formats. But what is even more interesting is the creation of a video clip from the text. To do this, you need to upload the text, choose the template and the future format. Done!

Such a tool as “Empty Canvas” helps to quickly and efficiently create videos from scratch, which, you will agree, is also very, very convenient.

Thus, summing up the results of the InVideo vs WeVideo battle, we can safely say that by using one of these platforms, you will get a cool video in a matter of minutes. Since both video editors are a good alternative for each other.



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