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You have a wonderful idea to create an incredible and memorable video from several video files and you are searching for a suitable platform to easily combine several of your videos into one. Then you will surely find our article useful, which describes how this can be done in just a few clicks with the help of the Deus online video editor.
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Video Combining

There could be as many reasons and needs for combining several videos into one as many reasons for creating them. Someone is going to create a family movie to collect the brightest moments of their life in one video file and then re-watch it with relatives on family holidays again and again. Someone wants to create a unique video greeting for a birthday, wedding anniversary, sports competition win, or the anniversary of a loved one, friend, or colleague and therefore wants to combine two or more video clips. Maybe you are preparing a video presentation of your business project or a video for social networks.

Whatever your reasons or motives for combining videos, one thing we know for sure is that you want to do it quickly, easily, conveniently, without installing any special software and, of course, you should have the opportunity to do it online. In this case, our online Deus.Video editor is perfect for these purposes and will act as a video combiner. Detailed information on how to combine videos with the help of our online editor you will find in the next section.

How to combine videos

In this section, we will take a detailed look at how to connect two or more videos using the online Deus.Video editor.

1. Upload your videos

Open the video editor and create a new project.

Select the video tab, and click the upload button, and add the video files that you want to merge, or simply drag your videos into the editor window.

The added files will appear on the timeline of your project, located at the bottom of the video editor window.

The Deus.Video editor allows you to upload video files of any format up to 100 megabytes.

2. Connect two or more videos

To connect two or more videos, you need to place your video files close to each other in the required sequence on the project timeline.

To make the work with your videos easier and more convenient, zoom in on the timeline scale, which allows you to more accurately fit one video to another without overlapping.

No matter how hard we try to fit videos to each other, in any case, when you watch a finished clip, you will see that this video is assembled from several files. But with the help of the Deus.Video online editor, this moment could be solved very simply and easily.

3. Add stylish animated transitions

For the transitions from one video to another to be smooth and look beautiful, add stylish animated transitions from those already pre-installed in the Deus.Video editor, which you can read more about here.

By adding animated transitions, you can combine two videos together in such a way that even a professional will not be able to criticize your video work. To do this, click on the video clip to which you want to add a transition and find the animation section in the menu that appears.

In the animation section, select the transition you are going to work on, at the beginning or end of the video, then select the duration of your transition and its appearance.

Also, you can use various photos, pictures, and emoticons as a transition between your video clips. You can do it just by adding them to the project and putting them to the desired place between two fragments on the project timeline.

All actions are similar to those described above when we talked about how to put two videos together.

4. Download the finished video file

Now when we have figured out how to combine the videos all that we need to do is download the finished video file.

Click on the "Download" button and select the required resolution of 360, 480, 720, or 1080 pixels. Done!

Online Video Connector

As you could see in the previous section, the online video connector is simply an indispensable thing when you need to create a unique and memorable video.

The free video connector, which is available in the Deus.Video online editor, is one of the few that allows you to get a video clip without the logo and watermark of a video editor. Also, it makes it possible to quickly, easily, and conveniently connect video clips online, with just a couple of clicks and you have a brand-new video.

If our article was useful to you and now you are burning with impatience and anticipation of creating the coolest video clip, then do not waste even a minute and start creating your video right now. By login into Deus.Video, you will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the video connector of our video editor.



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