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There are a huge number of different reasons for cropping videos in MP4 format. From the simple need to adjust the size of the video to the proportions of social services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or get rid of the black edges of the video border.
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Maybe you want to slice some parts from several videos for further processing and create an original video for your page, blog, or a cool congratulations for the celebration of a close person. Perhaps you need to remove the watermark from the video mounted in the free version of one of the many video editors. It’s impossible to mention all the reasons why you might need an MP4 cutter since you probably have your own.

Before proceeding to further discussion of the topic of video cropping, I would like to briefly answer the question ?What is MP4?”. Although each of us has heard this abbreviation a million times, not everyone knows what it means. MP4 is a video file format containing digital video content that has been implemented with data encoding specifications and MPEG-4 video compression standards. In a file of this format, audio and video segments are compressed separately. As a result, we get a high-quality video with optimal portability, in terms of storing these files in external storage devices, optical media, as well as for sharing these files on the web.

Now when we know what an MP4 is and, accordingly, what we want to do with it – to crop it. We are faced with the following question, which program or application is best suited for our purposes. The only thing we are 100 percent sure of is that it should be a free MP4 cutter that will satisfy all our goals.

Our online video editor Deus is perfect for meeting all your needs. You will be able to quickly cut and join the MP4, slice it into small pieces and trim it for YouTube. The video editor has an intuitive interface that allows the user to cut unnecessary parts of the video as quickly as possible while maintaining the original quality.

How to trim MP4 online

The digital technology sector is one of the rapidly developing market segments. Some time ago, to trim an MP4 video file, it was necessary to download the video editor program to your computer. Then deal with a rather complex interface, only to eventually find out that the final version of your file contains a watermark of this editor. Nowadays, technology allows you to trim the MP4 online. The availability of this option allows you not to overload your computer’s memory, saves you time searching for resources from which you can download the editor for free. Also provides you with a huge selection of resources available for this on the Internet.

One of such resources is our online video editor Deus. It allows you to trim MP4 videos online, quickly, conveniently, and without loss of quality. It doesn’t matter whether your footage is too long or you want to mount your unique and memorable video from several videos. You will surely note the convenience and intuitive function of MP4 video trim, which you can try here.

Online editor Deus will help you to trim MP4 online without inscriptions and watermarks, from any device – computer, tablet, Android phone, an Apple iPhone, and completely free of charge. To work with the video, you need a browser and just a couple of minutes. With it, you will not only be able to trim MP4 videos for free but also join videos, add subtitles, pictures, emoticons, overlay music, or voice it.

Just a few minutes and your video is ready. Read the step-by-step guide below.

1. Add files to the project

The Deus online editor allows you to upload videos of any format up to 100 megabytes for free. After you open the video editor in your browser, you will have the choice to log in as a guest or create a personal account. Creating a personal account allows you to add video, audio, and other materials necessary for your project from different devices. You are still doubting if your online editor suits you, then feel free to log in as a guest and to try. Regardless of your choice, when you have entered the editor, the very first thing to do is to create a new project. Then click on the video button. In the pop-up menu, you will have the choice to upload a file, record a video from the screen or camera. There are several ways to upload a file, using the upload button or dragging files into the window project.Add a video or photo to the editor

2. Open the trim menu

When your file is selected and uploaded, click on the timeline to display the control buttons. Drag the sliders to select the fragment to crop or specify the exact moments of the beginning and end of the fragment manually. Then click on the crop button. The next step will be the appearance of several video files on your timeline. Using the control buttons, you can move the cropped fragment to the beginning or end of your video or delete it as unnecessary.

3. Download trimmed video

Click on the "download" button, then select the required resolution for your video 360, 480 or 720 pixels - download and publish the finished video.

MP4 Video Cutter Online

The online MP4 cutter of our online editor Deus will be useful if you need to trim a small video file online. At the same time, you do not want or have the ability to install additional programs on your computer. It works directly in your browser. Which in turn allows you to quickly solve a wide variety of tasks, for example, such as cutting MP4 without re-encoding or cutting MP4 into parts. Thus, you have more time, whether for developing new creative ideas, running a business, or, in the end, spending time with your family or friends. But, as the old saying says, it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. You can try how the MP4 online cutter of the Deus.Video editor works right here, just by clicking the linkThe free MP4 video cutter is a very good fit for the quick editing of amateur videos. With its help, it’s elementary, fast, and convenient.

It also allows you to process video files of different quality up to 4K, which not every online editor can boast of. By using MP4 videos clipper you can cut a video file into as many pieces as you want, and then take a piece from the middle and easily move it to the beginning or end. You can simply erase the middle or move the cut pieces along the timeline to any place you wish. You can slice a file into many parts of the same duration, for example, 30 seconds each then change the order of their playback, mix them into a video collage, or simply combine them with parts of your other videos. A very nice addition to all of the above is that this is a free MP4 cutter.

The best simple Mp4 splitter Online

Do you want to cut a video in MP4 format to save part of it as a separate video file? Use our online splitter MP4 Deus video editor for this. Upload your MP4 file, and use the video cutter and splitter tool, and then export a new MP4 video.

Also, Deus is a free video editor with which you can not only edit each clip to make it look amazing and individual. You can also add camera effects, filters, and other elements. Add text to your video, as well as images, subtitles, shapes, emoticons, and much more.

Deus is the best MP4 cutter! You don’t have to pay for expensive apps or use clunky and complex software. Our MP4 cutter is simple to use and free. You will be able to divide your video in just a few clicks.

It is also important that it allows you to compress your video. All you need is to adjust the compression settings before exporting a new video, for example, by selecting 360p resolution to reduce it. Compression may be necessary in cases where you need to send a video by email or post your video on various social media. You always have the option to export your video in its original quality, but then, the file will be a little larger.

Another useful option that makes the Deus online editor the best MP4 splitter is the ability to create animated GIF images from your video. Few people do without creating GIFs right now. To create a GIF, simply upload your video, edit and split it as you wish, and then export it as a GIF file.

Having appreciated all the available options of the Deus online editor, you conclude that it is the best MP4 splitter since, with its help, you can cut MP4 extremely quickly and conveniently. Just a few clicks and your video is ready.




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